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Congratulations! The basic day trading training you have just undertaken will maximize your chances of success. As we have repeatedly said, day trading is a business like any other, and the reason why most businesses fail is because of lack of preparation, not lack of capital. If you have $750, discipline, the right tools (such as the ) and the will to succeed you can do it. You certainly don't need brains! Ask any floor trader! ("Er youse what?") It IS hard work, but then again the rewards of day trading can be immense. To sum up, before you start day trading you must know some important day trading basics, you need to use a direct-access broker or spread betting account to obtain the best fills, you need to understand concepts like the "bid" and "ask", order types (market, limit, and stop orders) and you must also get a grip on advanced trading concepts like Level II, Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs), the role of market makers, benefits of order routing and technical analysis (Support! Resistance!). Once you have opened your account, you can try paper trading with the trading software in simulator mode until you are ready to try it for real. At this point, we can only say... GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DAY TRADING!!!


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The SureFireThing Camarilla Equation for use in day trading is available online from these websites: